This Defies ALL Logic

I apologize for the vague title… I just have no way to describe this issue. It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen… Please help me make sense of this…


If you click the output (i.e. the one and two zeros) I’m fairly sure it will show you where both of those are being printed from, but ultimately it seems like that function that constructs the table is being called twice.

You also have a bunch of returns to exit early in BPClaim. Try printing #B at the top of the function, before any other logic. You may find it also prints 1 followed by a 0 like the other place.

This might help narrow down what is being called twice and where it goes wrong.

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I did; just not on the video. the 1 and the first 0 are from “print(#tbl)” and the second 0 is from the BPClaim function

BPClaim also runs only once.

How strange…

My gut feel is a race condition or connecting it twice, but why the second function wouldn’t also run twice is so weird.

Is there any chance I could take a look at the actual place and play around with it to see if I uncover any more clues? I think it’s going to be a trial and error kind of job because it all looks dandy from what you’ve shown.

Well the reason I made a video of it is in equal parts to show that I’m not crazy; but also because the place is a pretty big money maker and I can’t just pass it around to other people to help troubleshoot, unfortunately.

Absolutely understood. It looks great btw.

I think it’s just going to be a case of printing throughout the entire chain, including anywhere that you connect the button to that function to make sure you aren’t connecting it twice or anything strange there.

It seems random, but scripting really is deterministic and it won’t do things you haven’t asked it to - it’s just finding where the logical error has slipped in where you’ve told it the wrong thing.

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