This game is called Glorious Battle, it's not just any battle game though


It looks cool but I think you could build a bit more on the map


Character Limit

Please put the background music as Glorious Morning, considering the game to be sort of Age of War inspired (?)


the camera movement is really smooth. Even the animations too :smile:

but sadly you can’t move the camera on mobile devices

I’ll get sued by the original composer.

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Really good, what I would do is make it so it won’t automatically spawn the troops you select when you have enough, instead make it by click. More troops needed, and map variety. What I found is the archers also run way too much, to the point when faced with like 5ish enemies, they barely even fire. The giant flings the other troops. You also should have a map selection, and images for the troops to avoid confusion. It would also be cool that when you hover over the troops selection, it would tell you the stats of the troop.