This game may not function as Intended: I still can't fix It

I just made a game recently and whenever I go to the game page this is what I see:

I can’t get rid of this message and I have tried everything.
I saw other topics with this problem and I tried all the suggestions but nothing works.

And now when I try to like my game nothing happens:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this.

to like the game u should play it again

and about the No function as intended is a new update of roblox

it will get removed anytime

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This message will be removed once you play your game at least once. It shows this message for two reasons: there are 0 visits on the game, or the game is actually out of date. After the first visit of your game you should see this message disappear.

My game currently has about 6 visits and it is still showing the message

I played it again and I was still unable to like it

Could you provide a link to your game? Along with this, is there anything in the game that should work but doesn’t? It’s possible something actually is out of date.
Here is my game.
Everything works as Intended, though I haven’t finished with the UI’s and they don’t work, but except from that everything in the game works

This is a safety feature. I think by publishing new versions of the game regularly you should be able to get it removed.

Edit: Also try updating the game’s logo/thumbnail, that seemed to work for me.

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