This Mouse is not active

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    To get rid of this error
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		if plr.PlayerGui:FindFirstChild("InfoGui") and plr:GetMouse() and mouse and mouse.X and equipped then -- this is the line giving the error
			plr.PlayerGui.InfoGui.CrossHair.Position =,mouse.X,0,mouse.Y)
			if locked == true then
				local crosshair = plr.PlayerGui.InfoGui.CrossHair
				crosshair.Box.Line1:TweenPosition(,-1,0,30), "In", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line2:TweenPosition(,-1,0,30), "In", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line3:TweenPosition(,-40,.5,-1), "In", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line4:TweenPosition(,30,.5,-1), "In", "Quad", .1, false)
				unlock = true
			elseif unlock == true and locked == false and chair.crosshairtype[1] == "gui" then

				delay(.1, function()
					local crosshair = plr.PlayerGui.InfoGui.CrossHair
				crosshair.Box.Line1:TweenPosition((o1 +,0,0,offsetsize))), "Out", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line2:TweenPosition((o2 -,0,0,offsetsize))), "Out", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line3:TweenPosition((o3 +,offsetsize,0,0))), "Out", "Quad", .1, false)
				crosshair.Box.Line4:TweenPosition((o4 -,offsetsize,0,0))), "Out", "Quad", .1, false)
				unlock = false