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About Us

You’ll be working for the largest Attack on Titan group on Roblox, with over 11,000+ active users, and 70,000 in the group, you’ll be demonstrating the best of your work!

The Team
A lot

About The Job

You’ll be carrying on the module we have currently developed. You’ll be interviewed by our former Lead Scripter to make sure you can fit the skill requirement of taking on his code. Most of the game is scripted, you’ll need to carry on where he left off, and make sure the quality of the content you add is your best

The work so far (Devlogs on our channel)

You need to have a fair amount of time on your hand. We have a large and active audience. You will be working with an organized team, and will learn what it is like to work with deadlines, community relation, and experience you’ll need.


You get paid based off the amount of testing you do with the testers, and if you complete the package. A package is a bundle of work you complete, once it’s completed to the quality standard, you are paid. This all varies on how much you do with testers, that’s where pay can become higher, or lower. In our past with head developers, they have earned from as low as $175, to $450. The pay is totally up to how you do testing.

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Must be 13+


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