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This post is deleted


Would you be comfortable with sharing the source code? There’s been plenty of plugins that install backdoors lately, which is why I ask.


Yes, Hold on please! 30 chars oooof


How is it guaranteed this plugin isn’t a backdoor itself? Why do we have to trust it while there are thousands of plugins like that out there?


I shared the source code now, no worries

Do you mind putting the code on GitHub or something? The file won’t open.

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To open the file right click StarterGui, click Insert from File and insert the file i provided, if it still does not work please tell me

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@Joyiscode @DMCPEPlays it is very easy to get the source code of a plugin. Executing something like

for _, object in ipairs(game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://5546586463")) do object.Parent = game.ServerStorage end

easily gets you the gui and scripts used by the plugin.

Had a look and the heuristics for determining viruses is questionable.
As well as a few things not even working correctly.

This plugin would detect the use of require basically anywhere so my own scripts that i write would get picked up.

local generalthreat =  {"lol", "TeleportService:Teleport", "TeleportService", "Insert", "LoadAsset", "InsertService", ":Run()", ".load", "Destroy()", "nil", "setfenv", "Hub"}

This code here doesn’t search through all those tables:

for i, obj in pairs(workspace:GetDescendants(), game.Players:GetDescendants(), game.Lighting:GetDescendants(), game.ReplicatedFirst:GetDescendants(), game.ReplicatedStorage:GetDescendants(), game.ServerScriptService:GetDescendants(), game.ServerStorage:GetDescendants(), game.StarterPack:GetDescendants(), game.StarterPlayer:GetDescendants()) do -- It is time to get objects

it only searches the workspace.

You should have tested your plugin before releasing it to the public. Also, tons of anti-virus plugins exist already :confused:


I will fix these quickly, sorry for the inconvenience!

Thanks! And yeah I was going to say the same thing. You’re on the right track, @TheDemoDeveloper, but most backdoors nowadays are obfuscated, so you should definitely look into detecting whether code is un-readable (obfuscated) or not in order to then track it.

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What does your plugin do that these plugins don’t?


I wrote the Pros and Cons to the thread.

But then… what was the point of posting this plugin here if it’s already been done 10+ times? I think you have mistaken #resources:community-resources for #help-and-feedback:cool-creations. You should probably only post things here if it hasn’t actually been done before/ not done well or if it overshadows everything before it.

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I mean, he did try and that to its his first plugin. So give him a break! I think Anti-virus plugins are cool and making them, is even cooler! But ya. I do think you kind of put this post in the wrong spot though. Like you said yourself that its your first plugin and they might be bug and you also said it is kind of broken. So, you could of put this in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations and #help-and-feedback. But its fine anyways because even I put stuff in the wrong topic sometimes. :sweat_smile: But over all, great job! :wink:

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