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No offense, but this does not look like its worth 75k

The slide and staircase looks out of place. It looks like they are unfinished too.

The inside is just a bit too “colorful” in my opinion. All the different colors do not really match.
Im not saying its a bad thing to have different colors, but theres just WAY too many in this image alone. Which could possibly make it hard for people to navigate around the place.

Though I will say this about the build, some of the other models look fantastic! Such as the swings, the nature, and even that cool pirate ship wreck!

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It looks decent, but for that price it is pretty small.

For some reason, when I look at the room it feels empty. Everything in it is outlined along the wall. The lobby is the opposite in my opinion. I feel like in a full server there would be way too many people in the lobby and it would be cramped, other than that it looks great though.
Maybe it would be a good idea to hear offers first.

It would be great if the game could be visited.

Okay, I’ve lowered the price from 75k to 50k and made the place public. Sorry! :smiley:

No offense, but I do not think this is anywhere near 50k robux. You should make the game public as well.

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The game seems to be too buggy (and unfinished) at the moment to be worth 50k.
I got kicked for entering a golfcart.

There’s too much placeholder content to actually say that this game has gameplay. Or at least from what I’ve seen, the game feels intuitive enough to play at the moment.

The map also has some issues

there are also swings that can’t be interacted with (which I thought defeated their purpose of being present in the map)

The Pet UI doesn’t spawn anything.

some basic functionality to prevent UI from overlapping isn’t put in place

Quest NPC doesn’t work: it doesn’t give any info on what your quest is, nor does it give you one.

All in all, your place doesn’t really meet the criteria of being a game just yet since there’s no real gameplay present at the moment. The place is a collection of features that haven’t entirely been polished yet. I’d say your best bets for selling would be to remove the map from the equation and fix what you currently have so you can sell it for a cheaper price.

I don’t think any potential buyers would be interested in having the map included in the package since they’d have to modify it to fit their needs.

1k robux = 10 USD

50k robux= 500 usd?

(with bc)

Yeah, you need to lower your prices lower.

Might want to get some bug testers before you try to sell it

image The game needs SERIOUS work

It’s not like that, if you want to do it with DevEx rate, then do this:
(amount of robux) x 0.0035 = price in USD
In this situation -
50000 x 0.0035 = 175$
Still, not a good price for non-working game.

(Your method was right if you would buy Robux; sorry, my bad.)

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50k :rofl: dude if you want sell the building set at least 20k Robux

What superpose to be this?

I’m pretty sure it was he was selling a hotel, though it received a ton of backlash. Hence, he close the topic.

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