Thoughs on a game my freind and I made

Please give feedback

This is the first game I have worked on using team create.


Fixed Bugs:


It is pretty good, but there are some stuff to do. A gun has visible bullets, and a reloading. When you get killed by the noobs, the quit button shouldn’t kick you from the game, it should just close the UI and respawn the player.


Thank you for your feedback, I will be sure to add some of it.


Would you mind including some screenshots on this post?


I will add some now (Gameplay or map?)


Screenshots of both would be good. Although maybe make a short video of you playing the game for gameplay?


I have adde the photos but not a video


The game is good however you should not kick player when someone loses. Also when zombie dies and you touch the zombie’s body parts that lasted on the floor, you are going to lose HP.


Great game it could be better if instead of using mouse.Hit for the gun send out a raycast to check if anything is in the way of the gun and then use mouse.Hit .


Good game, fun concept, just a few things I noticed:

  1. Random bug - sometimes when jumping and sprinting, you get flung across the map.
  2. You may want to make it where once the zombie died, you don’t take damage (if you don’t know how, just include a simple code like below. Just check if the zombie health is greater than 0 before doing damage to the player)
if Zombie.Humanoid.Health > 0 then -- change Zombie with whatever you need
--do damage

This is a fun game, however I do not like how Noobs can still kill you when they fall apart so maybe remove this part.

So I am going to fix no. 1, but I am not sure what is happening when the character has been flund it happen to me two

Are you using custom animations? If so, I have found that you cannot rotate the humanoidrootpart past 45 degrees, or it starts falling the wrong ways (i.e getting flung) This probably should have been obvious, but it took trial and error for me to figure it out. May be the case? Otherwise, try making sure the gun is can-collide off (that may be interrupting physics, large tools with can collide on get wonky). Hope this helps!

I am not using any custom animations only a sized block riger (all player are the same size (Size propertys in humanoid destroyed) and they are all bock rigs (meshs set to 0))

Is everything on the humanoid Cancollide off (except for the humanoidRootPart)? That could be it?

I have made the game first person to bypass the raycasting

Bug Fixed: Thank you for the feedback

Uh oh! You made a type here:

The problem was they will damage you.

no it is a bug fix, I ment to say that