Thoughts about this house?


Recently, I’ve been working on this house to take a little break from my city project i have been working on the past week. So far, I’ve built this house and this is what it comes out looking like. Any thoughts?:upside_down_face:


The two biggest issues I have with this build are the colors and the strange deck of the porch. The roof is always a different color from the rest of the house, as well as the walking surfaces. Both are typically darker than the rest of the exterior of a house.

As far as that porch goes, I have never seen round planks before. I would just make them flat and different lengths like a real deck.


Look’s Decent, What’s the purpose of the game it’s just a WIP


I don’t know if you’re going to improve the surroundings of the house but if you aren’t, you definetly should improve the surroundings of the house. The big empty grass baseplate really needs some more details. For example, rocks, bushes, terrain elevation, water, etc. The house itself is a nice little cabin, I like it. What it really needs, though, is a chimney.

8/10 :smiley:


Looks really good my opinions/Suggestions on this.

  1. You should, change the deck it looks not that great i would suggest! making a original deck to be like the house.

  2. Try scaling the square piece a little high. It looks to thine to me!and try making the door knob a little different like a circle one, or try scaling it a bit small!! i would also add another one of those tree plants and maybe. Some flower would be nice in the front of the house…

  3. And try making the! door color different from the windows it looks. the same like that i would change it to brown or a light wooden color!!

But for know keep it up man. Keep it up on house build.


I like the aesthetics of the lighting! Work hard man, you’re doing well! I think you should keep sourcing out for help!

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I love the house, it looks very good :+1: but i would change the glass color it doesn’t kinda fit in and i would make the stairs a little bigger.

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I wouldn’t change much, to be honest.

I’d recommend lowering the deck’s roof to here:

and I don’t see the sense in two stairs, maybe one in the middle?

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Its look just fine but you may want to change the deck. You should also have some barriers at the staircases. As @Foxzes said, remove one of the staircases and keep only one instead.

The roof that is connected with the poles should be thicker. I can’t really see any chimneys, you may want to add that in aswell.

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I dont feel the colors, i also dislike those 2 paths, it would look better with only 1 big path in the middle

That roof in the porch is kinda weird aswell
You can add on the lateral top of the house (empty spot on the top of the wall) a small window like if it was an attic

You can also add a chimney

The house is fine, you are doing a good job anyway, keep it up ;o

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