Thoughts and Feedback on My First UI Design

Hey everyone, I wanted to hear your thoughts and feedback on my first ever UI Design. I picked up UI designing about three days ago when it had suddenly piqued my interest. This particular UI is going to be featured in an upcoming MMORPG that a group of people and I are working on. Let me know what you think!


I like it very much! But in my opinion it would be much better if you didn’t use white for the main GUI/UI color…


The side tabs dont fit with the UI color theme.

I meant to say where all the swords and stuff maybe make the backround of that black so it will have a darkmode feeling.

I wasn’t replying to you.?.?
And adding darkmode as an in-game setting isn’t difficult so I am sure he could do that.

Oh my bad. :smile: I mixed up the users.

Your fine. But yeah I am personally starting to allow users to choose between dark and light mode on my UIs and have them save permanently with datastores.

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Ooo, that’s actually a very interesting alternative. I might just try doing that. I personally always like a brighter UI to liven up the games atmosphere and mood, but I’m sure there are those that would prefer a darker alternative. Good thinking!

The GUI you made looks outstanding, good work maybe you should start doing UI commissions or something but make sure it fits on all devices, for example, mobile.

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Wow! You really think so? Thanks! I actually was considering starting up commissions but I think I’m gonna practice just a bit more to ensure I can deliver a satisfying product to those who commission me. As for the scaling, I already ensured that it fits and displays properly on all devices.

Well, I think you are ready but for more of an improvement learn on how to add wood textures but overall, you are a good GUI designer.

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