Thoughts and feedback on my game I made in 10 days

So as the title says I made this game in 10 days. With little testing and gameplay balancing. So I wanted you guys to see how well this game really is and how well could it do. Im willing to spend 10k+ on sponsoring the game but before I do that feedback and opinions would help me out deciding this. The thumbnail for the game is still being made so keep that in mind. So heres the link: 🪃 Boomerang Simulator! - Roblox

[UPDATE] Closed game to wait until release. This was just sort of a open test. Thanks for the feedback!


very original also i get glitched when i throw

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Really nice game, you should advertise it

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Seems like there is quite a major bug, where the Player freezes when they click to throw the boomerang.

The lobby also looks quite small, so perhaps you could add other types of minigames that Players can interact with.

Ahh I see sorry I saw this late but the game i have closed now