Thoughts and honest feedback on my second UI?

Hey! This is my 2nd UI and I would love some honest feedback :smiley:
(Eventually going to replace all the icons with renders :slight_smile: )


For a 2nd UI, this is definitely impressive. You have a great eye for detail and UI placement, and not everybody can just inherit those abilities with a second UI so props to you.

Here are a couple things I noticed that could make your UI more professional:

This rounded frame overlaps the larger β€œBoard of Directors” frame which contains a bezel around the edges. That corner makes a small part of the bezel show which makes it look less professional. You could flatten out that specific corner on the rounded frame to prevent this.

On the dropshadow shown above, the strength of the shadows are not consistent, and the left frame has a much weaker shadow which also takes away from the piece.

But other than those, this is incredible :slight_smile:

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This is very good for a second GUI and now if you only add a satisfying sound when you click it people are gonna play that game for hours just to be satisfied, believe me I tried it.
Its very cool over all.

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I totally see what you mean! Especially with the shadows, thank you so much for the feedback :smiley: I will fix it ASAP!