Thoughts & feedback on my game Run Rush


My name is ItsBenDev, and I consider myself a developer!

I wanted to ask for feedback & thoughts on this game! Suggestions, style thoughts, etc. help!

Thank you! Have a fantastic day!


Umm… You are using free models. Atleast one has a virus. I was redirected to another game.

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Thats with a plugin I’m using I believe. There are to my knowlege free models in my game. Unless another dev added some. Thanks for telling me.

When I went into a game, and onto a level, was my walk speed supposed to change? Or… was it impossible?

So… when I beat a lvl, am I suppose to get some kind of reward? Perhaps when you beat one, you get XP, and unlock more lvls. This could keep players stay and come back to the game in the future.

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It wasn’t supposed to change. Can you explain and I’ll try to find the issue?

Yeah looking good, all the code works. Only problem is if you keep jumping you can avoid getting respawned by the water, like if you hold down space


Your game is actually one of the few games on the forum that seems playable and something I actually had some fun playing (rare, due to 90% of games being amateur devs, showcases and tests)
The first thing I noted about your game was the running. It honestly looks terrible, find an animator–it’ll benefit you greatly. (something like from speed run)
The text on signs look quite odd and stretched.
Level design is intermediate. The terrain is pretty bland and the obstacle courses had minor issues like the textures/decals were stretched and the houses in the jungle level are “off”.
Personally, I’d make longer actual levels.
You could benefit from music and actual obstacle courses and areas instead of decals of people stuck to a brick…

Though my criticism seems pretty harsh towards your game, I did enjoy it. A good game with minor faults that has the potential to improve exponentially. Also you had a reasonable gamepass price and I respect that. You should add a donation system. hope this helped.

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I think having two verbs as your game name is a bad idea, especially when they’re so close in meaning. It’s not much better than ‘Walk Stroll’.

I beat all 8 free stages in 4 minutes. In disagreement with Luxorz, I’d argue that 6 20-second levels doesn’t warrant any amount of Robux. The levels are too short to be interesting, although most of them look good.

You should focus on the core mechanics, features and content rather than monetisation and admin controls. There’s definitely effort here, but the game is too short.

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