Thoughts on attempted gothic window

Hello there,

Its been a while since i’ve made something Roblox related. The last time i truly worked on a project on Roblox were the weeks following RDC 2020. Apart from that i’ve been rather silent.

And so, inspired by Warhammer and Gothic architecture that i’ve had to research because of school projects, i’ve had a go at trying to make a (kind of) semi-realistic Gothic window, which will be added to a bigger project revolving around a Gothic cathedral.

Have some pictures:

Angels near the top:

Roses near the top:


small skull details:
image image image

The back:

All made in Roblox studio, baring the skulls, angels and roses which were meshes

Have a good day!


This looks sooo cool! Keep doing it!

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This looks really good! I love the detail, very pretty! :+1:

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Coloured glass doesnt quite look right… maybe you should use a transparent texture or decal for it? Otherwise looks amazing…!!!

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