Thoughts on Cafe/Restaurant Build

Hey there!

Recently, I have built a “Cafe” for someone, but there was a conflict so I am no longer working for the individual. I think the cafe looks really nice, so I would love some feedback on what should I add and how can I improve.

I recently posted a youtube video of the build, so you can watch that here: (I recorded it for proof that I built it.)

Here is the reference I used.

Here are some photos of the build

Thanks! :100:


The outside I would recommend adding some lights like lamps and inside make more details flowers are really needed and the tittle above the place is too light.
After all looks sick.

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This looks so good! I didn’t even notice that the first and second image are both different images.
This building looks very acuarate to the real life picture, good job!


Add detail to the roof, try to change the grass color to be more mellow. This looks great though, keep on trying to improve your build!

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Looks very modern and close to the picture!
The rainbow writing definitely does not fit the store. Also maybe try adding some detail around the store, maybe some garden beds. Also, is there like a kitchen or a front desk where you order? If there is definitely add the pictures of those too.

Overall I think it is really nice and I hope to see more work from ya.

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It looks fantastic! However, you might want to add more plants that stand out more to enhance it. Other than that, the details look stunning. Great job!

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i would agree to add more decoration because the outside looks a bit dull. but what surprises me the most is that the walls are very realistic. I love it, Keep up the good work.

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Looking great! I appreciate the accuracy you’ve gone from the reference image here, good job! If you haven’t found our already, it looks like the lights are sticking above the building itself. Might wanna fix that unless that’s been done purposefully.


In addition to awesome ideas above, I’d say try using beams to replicate the effect given in the reference image.


Good luck, I appreciate your further interest in obtaining feedback & improvement points!

All the best,


Thank you! I’ll try to mess with beams. I have been really curious how to make the light not expand outward, I just haven’t really looked it up. Yes, that was a little mistake for the roof, I accidentally clicked on it and it moved it down slightly. Thank you for the feedback!

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Yes, I’m aware. :joy: I purposely did that, I’m planning on changing it though.

It practically looks like a replica of the original image. Good job! :+1:

Ohhh :rofl: makes sense. I’m wondering, what colour would you change it too?

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Wow, nice it looks super realistic. Good job on copying the image.