Thoughts on first animatible rig?

Yoooooooo, I wanted to make an animatible rig to improve in animation, so I decided to make a gauntlet.
Feedback pls (both animation and looks)


This is good may I ask what game is this for?


Looks pretty good and detailed, good job.


I didn’t make it with the intent of putting it in a game but I’m considering it now tho… At first it was just a test thing to get familiar with rigging and modelling n stuff… Also I remember you from that A.I. car chase game lol

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Looks pretty neat, in my opinion, if you went with a dark metal, rather than the plate look, it would look a lot better if you swapped to future lighting, as for the animation itself, i feel that the actual movement of the pieces is a bit stiff, including the player themselves, I feel if you were to make the player feel a bit more loose, it could really help, otherwise, looks pretty good