Thoughts on GFX?

I’m trying to brush up my GFX skills, and this is about my fifth GFX design I made. So, I made a GFX of my roblox avatar to try to improve my gfx skills. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

Again, thanks!


I am not experienced with GFXes, so i can’t give feedback. But i really like it!


The lighting and the different colours and textures are amazing, the vibes it gives me are great. They are really really good for a 5th GFX. Loving it, keep it up! I think you got potential as a GFX designer :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! My last gfx for a game I made didn’t go well, so I tried something else.

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Either way, this one looks amazing, great job! You should be proud!

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I would recommend decreasing the bloom strength on the second one just so the hats are a bit more visible. Other than that great job!


These look awesome! One thing I can say for the first one is make it bit less, blurry?

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