Thoughts On Gift Shop

Hello Meeskop Here today i have made a gift shop, although its not very complex thats the way i made it, it looks good in my eye. This is a beach themed gift shop called Palm Tree Gifts.


GIF of sign changing text


What do you think?

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Recommendations, in no specific order:

1 - Wall molding for the interior
2 - Different material/color for the roof so it is separate from the floor. Also some lights.
3 - Exterior roof so you don’t see the ceiling from the outside. Perhaps make it one that isn’t flat to shape up the otherwise perfectly square building.
4 - Split the windows into smaller segments. Maybe make the window behind the desk different from the other ones to add some variation.
5 - Frame for the windows and door
6 - Carpet to make the floor look less empty
7 - Consider a lighter black granite for the desk. It looks a bit out of place since it’s such a flat dark color nearby the wood plank floor
8 - The shelves look a bit too bright, almost as if they’re glowing, drawing the player’s eye to that as the first thing they see. This draws attention away from what I think should be the most eye-catching aspect of the room - the desk, as from the front it looks like the entire room is centralized around it.
9 - The welcome sign could use a frame also so that it’s more than just a flat brick.
10 - The floor pokes through the bottom of the walls looking from the outside
11 - I can’t tell if it’s meant to be like this or not, but the black top of the desk looks to be uneven across the underside.

You have a good start on your build here. Thanks for sharing


My suggestions:

  1. Instead of screen GUI, I suggest you use this plugin:
    This plugin makes letters out of mesh parts. I suggest you give it a go.

  2. Make the counter even.

  3. Add a bit more decorations to the place, as it seems a bit too empty.

  4. Add more detail as well. Maybe you could add more of those trees around the store.

  5. Make the counters taller.

  6. Use a different kind of material instead of wood planks for the floor.

I agree on this one. Make it segmented to add in the realism of the build.

  1. Add an something you can interact in the store, just to add in the “fun” aspect of it.

Overall, not bad for a first build. Don’t forget to continue working on your skills :sunglasses:

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