Thoughts on my build?

Hey everyone! Ok so I’m not 100% sure if this looks good I kinda rushed it took like five minutes so isn’t my best work. But I was going for a cartoony modern theme. If you have any ideas I can add to it please let me know. Also I will be adding doors soon and please don’t give suggestions for things such as interiors non-cartoony textures. Thanks from John.

Here are some screen shots as well as the game if you want a more in depth look.

Screen shots:

Day time:

Game link:

Night time:

Photos coming soon!


Looks pretty ok but, the sizes are really dis-proportional. If you look at the third picture, the character is nearly two time smaller than the door.

Also, you could try making the garage more rectangular by Deleting some top parts then if you wanted to fill in the empty space, add some modern looking windows.

Though these are some of my opinions. Overall, nice job building.


Thanks. Well It’s supposed to be a big building maybe I could scale down things like the doors/windows?

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The building seems to be off-limits with proportions, is this intentional?

  • If we scale this down correctly, this will be good.
  • Looks like the glass railing is not sufficiently detailed.
  • The spotlights near the windows appears to be too thick, please make them more flat.
  • The garage port pattern does not make my eyes comfortable.
  • Overall geometry is fine.
  • Color variation is optional, try thinking of something that adds a little more contrast to the building.

Looks really good but things that. Need to be fixed!!

  1. The door is way to high up i would re-size that. And the windows look really big and tall to me and should also fix that.

  2. Try scaling the roof a little as you can see. In the second picture i see that one of them are low and the other! is higher then it.

  3. Plus you should scale the windows,door and some parts on the house it’s self and garage! down a little to the character to be the size like the house… I would also fix the driveway try scaling that up a little to!!

That’s really all great job on your house.