Thoughts on my design for an application center?


Hey, thanks for reading my topic!

My name is Faith and I’m pretty new to UI design. I’m enjoying it and recently decided to make my own application center so I have something unique for my group. I was just wondering what y’all think of the design, and what I can change it make it look better. c:

"Select Application" Page

"Answer Questions" Page

"Submit" Page

Thanks for taking the time to look and leave a comment. <3


Pretty standard UI with a good color scheme. The buttons seem a little bit plain in my opinion. Also, maybe incorporate icons into the UI for an intuitive UX and better aesthetic. Either way, awesome start and good luck! :octopus:


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll look into adding icons.

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Another idea: Maybe use ImageButtons with rounded corners for buttons that way you can distinguish more easily between frames and buttons!


I like it, but I dont know about white, personally. I would go for a lighter shade of grey. But whatever looks good to you is what you should go with!


Looks good for a start, could be improved by changing the colours around rather than mainly sticking to white, as it will make it look more vibrant and appealing for new players.

Good luck!

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It’s a great beginning, keep this up. :sparkling_heart: