Thoughts on my Developer Learning game?

I’ve recently been working on a new project for a day now, and I think I have made some good progress. Developer learning is like a previous game LUA Learning (I believe), but my intent is to add quizzes that are based off of the courses, and more. Any thoughts for my game? (Learning Sections are not released yet)
(1) Developer Learning [Testing] - Roblox

So I have tried your game and I have a few comments:

First and most importantly:
the mobile buttons should be removed, they are blocking the Gui and making it hard to navigate.

some pictures are stretched. You can easily fix this by changing it to “Fit” in the properties menu.

overall the design is pretty good but I think you could use better pictures

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The biggest thing for me is that the pictures in the game (scripting, gui, gfx) are REALLY pixelated. Otherwise it looks fine.