Thoughts on my first ever GFX attempt?

As just for fun, I decided to attempt a Roblox render/GFX for the first time, using Blender. I have to say, I’m a noob at Blender, and here’s what I could best with the lighting of the model (I couldn’t find much information about all-bright lighting in 2.8, and yes, I used an HDRI.)

This will be serving as my Twitter, DeviantArt, and YouTube profile picture for the Easter season. Thoughts and tips on GFXing?

(If you can identify the character on my T-shirt, I’ll give you free Robux- I mean cookies.)


whisper the wolf

I really like it! It’s nice for a first GFX! Keep ur the great work! :smile:

That looks cool! Great job! :+1:

It’s whisper the wolf, but it does look pretty good.

This is amazing! Awesome lighting and details! This is great just the way it is. Good job! :smiley:

Looks pretty good for your first attempt but word of advice, you don’t always want a border for these. Sometimes less is more