Thoughts on my jump per difficulty

Hello, I just finished making a Part 2 game to my original game Deadly’s Jump per Difficulty.
I would like feedback on anything related to the game.

Note: This game is only for “pro” obbyists so please do not tell me it is too hard because usually people who play know what they are doing. I would only like feedback on stuff other than gameplay.

Game: Deadly's Jump per Difficulty 2 - Roblox

Well, I really don’t like jump per difficulty charts since they can be made it like 30 minutes. I also feel that the difficulty scaling is too easy. It’s pretty decent for a jump per difficulty though.

I think it’s a decent difficulty chart overall, I would say that the lighting is a bit dark so it is a bit hard to see and also the difficulty is a bit inconsistent, but other than that keep up the good work