Thoughts on my new Laser Rifle animation?

This is my new favourite ROBLOX Animation I have created, and it is a Laser Rifle.

Sorry for the fact that there are no sounds and I don’t actually remove the mag and pull the bolt.
Also, the gun moving back and forth is supposed to be the gun firing. Once I am able to I am gonna add a firing sound and reupload the video lol
And the animation may seem choppy, that is because Roblox’s recording feature is not the best, and I currently do not have a good recording software.

Laser Rifle model created by TheRealJimbles


I like it, but it’s a bit rough (like when it switches direction).

The way it flips feels like its a toy that has no weight and the firing animation is very rough, a more slight movement makes it less distracting and less like its fireing a missle and more like its fireing (in this case) a beam of energy


Pretty dope, but maybe less recoil and make it seem like it has weight. When you inspect the rifle it looks like you’re just picking up a plastic rifle and looking at it. Make it seem like it has a realistic weight. Everyone loves realistic FPS games!

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I would add a dropping part on reload like an energy pod?

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Seems a bit rough. Did you try to imitate falcon’s animations? Man that guy is amazing. I’d suggest using blender. If you’re new to it though it might take a bit time to get good.

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I feel like the animation makes it look like the rifle doesn’t have a weight at all.

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Thank you, but the model was just a mesh. I do not have Blender so I am unable to do anything like that at the moment.

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I did not and am not trying to imitate Falco’s animations. I currently do not have Blender, but I might be getting it in the future.

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