Thoughts on my Sushi Market

So I built this market for a group called Shiguto and now since it has been quite a while I decided to go back to it and expand the build.

So here’s what I got:

Inside The Market

Behind the counter:

Cucumber water:

Some sushi:

Also, I need some input on what design to do for the staircase and blank space in the market plus any feedback changes I can do to the entire place. What are your thoughts?

Stairs + Space



Your sushi market is quite unique. The only problem is about the seat separation it would be unique if you would close it up together. Btw I’ve seen you getting accepted to developer forum as a new members congrats.

-There is no problems with the sushi market just move the seats.
-The lighting needs work you could make it just a little brighter it would be excellent!

Overall 10/10!

-Try using this as your lighting?-

The type of builds you make inspire me, And will 100% inspire others keep up the work!

-Sincerely, floxxydev.


Just to back of what FloxxyDev said the lighting in the right corner needs some work, but that is really you need to do is change. That and add more lights by the stairs to brighten the place a little…!

But that is really all you have to do hope, to see more from you very soon! and good luck.!

I agree! Just to a little to the back.

It could do with some warm-coloured CSG wall art since right now, it’s very grey.

Looks very tasty. I’m hungry and those images make me want to eat at your sushi place.
For me, the lighting seems fine if you want to keep the game’s mood like cool and calm. The cool white light colour definitely makes the room look Japanese-y.

On the last picture though, I’m thinking if you can put something beside the stairs or that empty spot. The stair’s detail also look very basic compared to the room overall. I really like it so far, realistic. Adding Japanese posters/decorations to the bland wall is going to be nice. :wink:

Your sushi market looks post-modern which is a good thing , but it’s bit too dark i suggest adding some lighting and turning up saturation a bit

For the space near the stairs, you could put some decor to make the shop look nice.

Only thing I can think to change is maybe add a small section behind the counter we’re models of sushi are being made.

Your market looks good to me the lighting would definitely need fixing as it changes the style of the build. (To my eye at least) I think it looks more like a shop for a showcase city than a restaurant which surely changes the aesthetic and makes it, just like the others have mentioned, unique.

I think it could do with some more colour variation, it’s rather bleak and boring.
There are also lots of empty spaces.

Overall though it looks like a really epic detailed build! Good job!