Thoughts On My UI Animation?

Hey there DevForumer, I just want to see what people think about my UI animation that I spent approximately 2 hours on!

(I’m not experienced in creating UI, only Scripting)

Open Animation

Close Animation

Feel free to ask any questions below!

Update V2

I have now added a system to the UI that allows for the changing of the gradient.
Color Change Gradient

Want the model to this?

Click HERE to get it!


Your UI is very stylish and beautiful! I like it a lot. The animation is nice, but seems too slow.


This was just a little idea that I had in mind, It’s not meant to be perfect.
But I also scripted 2 other modes for it as well!
(A zoom in and out mode and Simple Tween mode)

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Very nice! And in addition you said that you were more specialized in scripts than UI animation and I think that you have a hidden talent :eyes:

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Aha, if I had talent in UI design, I would make a lot more complex things such as Inventories and Shops.

But thanks for the nice comment.


this is sick! i wish i was this good lol. good job :slight_smile: