Thoughts on Pet GFX? (Attempt: 1)

Hey everyone, so this is my first attempt ever on a pet style GFX. I’m not really a GFX Artist so I’m trying to see what the community thinks about my work and how I can improve. Can you give me some feedback and whether or not you might be interested to click on the sponsorship or game icon and why? Thanks so much!..

All rights reserved to Moving Entertainment and @ProvenData. (Please don’t steal my work again.)


Great work! If this is your first attempt i can’t imagine how good you’ll get with time.


It seems pretty simple and doesn’t stand out much

I think It looks nice, but if the update is more than one pet then you should probably feature more than one in the icon.

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Woah, this is really good for your first time!! You should try adding some shadowing to make it pop out a bit more. But I love the simplicity!