Thoughts on player info board


Just wanna get thoughts on how it looks. Ignore all the random numbers and whatever, purely just to get an idea of sizing and text scaling.

I know there’s a lot of white space towards the bottom. I have been told to make the rest of the text larger to fill that space, but I might put something else in that white space, not sure yet atm tho.


In my opinion, I find it kind of easier as both a developer and a player to use a GUI to find out information about a player. Also, small thing but you should add a space between the stats like the killed/deaths ratio (K/D: 10 looks better than K/D:10).


As well as what Qxest said above, I’d argue that the monochromatic colour scheme you’ve adopted makes it quite boring. Personally, there is something off-putting about an excess of grey and black. I would advise using green/blue for kills, red for deaths, etc…

On that note, it might also be advisable to have a semi-transparent background to the SurfaceGui. For example, mountains or hills as you might see in the opening title of a video game. Of course, that’s just aesthetics though.

Finally, there is a punctuation error you made: “BUGS WILL OCCUR!!” there should not be two punctuation marks at the end of a single sentence.


I think that could just be the SurfaceGui’s property of LightInfluence. I’m sure he was implying more of the layout instead.


Plus, I think the Level indicator is a bit offset. Its hanging off the edge of the XP bar.


Try changing the LightInfluence of the SurfaceGui to something closer to 0.


Setting it to 0, or really any lower than 1 just makes it too bright, making the level invisible


Funny. I think it looks awesome like that :thinking:

Also you can just change the color of the level text.


More contrast makes it easier to read; more color variety would be nice. Also, the K/D ration numbers should also have a / or : in my opinion instead of just the two numbers (1/0 or 1:0 instead of 10)


That’s not how K/D ratios work. It’s suppose to signify a percentage, being 10 (10 kills/0 or 1 deaths)

So obviously if a player had say 25 kills, 22 deaths, it’d say 0.53


I feel the grey background is a little dark maybe a slightly brighter grey?


Not a big fan of you using that as opposed to a regular ScreenGui and I think you should consider changing the color theme and styling it a little differently.


Would take up too much space on a players screen as a ScreenGui


Maybe a little arrow to toggle? Or you can hit tab for it to pop up or something like that?


I don’t know why, but in my mind, I think it would look great with the level indicator being a yellow’ish color.


I feel like the stats and such are leaning more to the left side and looks a bit off?


Yeah, I would say just integrate it with more of a more of a side arrow or a Hamburger Menu at the bottom of the screen (Hamburger Menu in case you don’t know what it is) Or even better, just have that board launch a UI if you are afraid of clogging up the player’s screen.


Alike to what many people said above, I believe that having it as a board isn’t a really good idea, but rather, to have it as a gui.

You can easily make a button that flips that gui out of the side or something, with an x mark (or something), to flip it back to the side.

Also, try to fit it to a different color scheme. Right now, it feels all over the place. The grey background should be switched to perhaps a lighter shade of blue. The Twitter text, and the “game is currently in demo” texts should be a lighter color of what they already are. A lighter red, and a lighter blue. But anyways, the arrangement of that UI actually looks pretty nice! Overall, I’d just suggest a more appealing color scheme. I’d suggest to keep the main ones as yellow/blue. The background would be a lighter grey/white or blue color, and the exp indicator as a yellow.


The red is a little bright, I’d say use a darker red or move it more in the orangeish range.
Other than that it has quite a lot of blank space and the monochronic colour for most of it just ruins the feel.
Depending on the theme it could work; f.e. it wouldn’t work in a cartoonish themed game as it’s too bland although the colour would fit with a medieval themed game.


Well I mean the game is medieval themed :sweat_smile: