Thoughts on RDC's UGC Announcement?

As lot of people heard from the RDC Announcement for User Generated Content… It’d be interesting to know what’s your feedback/thought about having User Generated Content.

More info how it’ll work: Click Me

Anyways, vote your opinions and share your feedback!

  • Awesome!
  • Good
  • Eh, I’m fine with it but I don’t care
  • Not really like it
  • Bad

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I’m actually working on a new post on how the UGC will be and how it will work based on the information so far collected (RDC announcement)
Will be linked once done


In my opinion USG will be amazing. I really thing that this will bring more creativity to the roblox platform.


Its been a top requested feature afaik since even back in 2013. So its about time lol


I think it’s amazing. I really think it’s great that Roblox is starting to become even more developer oriented, allowing us to create practically anything. I’m looking forward to see this!

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What is


I’m very happy with how they’re planning to run it. I was worried it was going to become like the shirts system where anyone can upload and very few people can make enough revenue to actually encourage high effort work. The verified creator system is great, along with the much higher price floor than 5 robux.

Interested to see how their development of duplication detection system turns out. Also very intrigued on the ability to sell LimitedU items, which I honestly have no idea how that will turn out.


I’m mainly curious on how they will handle the release of items and whether the robux earned from selling items can be used to Devex or not. Not sure how limiteds and duplicate/similar looking items will work out but if they can deploy this in a way that won’t bloat/ruin the market then I’m all in for it.

Regardless, I appreciate that they’re finally adding in another way for users to make robux, especially those that have no experience in the game development field. It’ll be great to see people’s imagination and creativity through this!

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Judging by a couple other posts, I’m guessing that it’s a new feature that Roblox will be giving certain users. I saw a Tweet on Twitter saying that Roblox still hasn’t decided how they’ll be giving the “Verified Creator Account”. My best guess is that it’ll most likely be given to developers.


I’m ecstatic for this- the idea of being able to create hats has been a hope of many creators for a long time. I can’t wait for this to come out and see what the community can make!

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Wannabe dominuses are gonna fill the market soon. :pensive:


I’m excited to see how this plays out, they said later down the line you can reward players with you hats in your games, so excited to see player made egghunts and stuff.

I’ve been hearing about UGC for like 8 years but never expected it to actually happen. I’m really surprised this is actually going to be a thing.


They have said that they are working on a anti copying AI

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I’m aware of this, I’m just wondering how effective it will be. It’s going to be hard to decide what is a copy and what is just inspired by something.

For now I’m not sure what it is.

Just gonna drop this here. RDC UGC Announcement

Also, what’s USG? :eyes:


User Generated Content. Feature, allowing specified, aka “verified creator account” people to create accessories and basically content in the catalog from their imagination and sell them (Might tho be Roblox selling it with you getting 70% (30% marketplace fee))

My bad man, I was aware but your title that needs to be updated was getting to me. Sorry. It says USG instead of UGC.

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Maybe they were aiming for USC - user submitted content. Never heard of USG before either.

if moderation is done well, then amazing.

they should have rolled out ucg before the removal of events though, there would have been way less community backlash