Thoughts on roof style for this little showcase

Hii, I just started a new showcase (because I am short on recent work) and I am trying out a new roofing style. I’d like to know what you think about it :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

whole building so far

full building

roof specifically

As you can tell, it’s not remotely finished. I would like any feedback that you can give me.


It looks great, but seems like it’ll take a lot of meshes(?) to finish the roof off which may lead to a bit of lag with slower computers.

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How exactly should I fix this? I want to learn some optimization, but I am not great with it :3

Are you using it only for a showcase or for a game? If it’s for a showcase then make all the Meshes CanCollide off and put a single Part or a couple Parts with Wedges that are Transparent and that have Cancollide on where the Meshes are so the Player still appears to stand on the roof, but Roblox physics doesn’t have to worry about calculating all the separate hitboxes of the more complex meshes involved.

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oh okay thanks a ton! Do you think the shingle pattern looks fine?

Looks completely fine to me. I’d suggest maybe making the shingles a bit closer together in color since it looks like you are just going for variations of those pieces. Pick a base color then just fine tune the variations with the color tool.

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okay thanks :slight_smile:
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