Thoughts on simple pack?

Hi! Today I made a pack of UI, and a logo for fun. This wasn’t a commission or anything, but I wanted to do this anyways. What do you think of the following?


Not a UI Designer, but this does look nice. The overall aesthetic seems to work, with the fonts and the colour scheme blending quite well. The lack of “sharp” edges (I.e: straight lines, etc) also help it’s overall feel.

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Looks nice simpe and very good! You can try to add gradiend on background and some simple pattern. Goodluck!

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Thank you! I’ll try all that out

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Hello Developer,

Thank you for choosing Roblox Developer Forums as a form of gaining feedback and suggestions on your work by developer worldwide.

I would agree to the already-existing feedback from @/CoolSmellyGuy and @/Lie_Star, and would like to add my personal opinion on this, even though I’m not a UI designer.

The UI to me looks great, and I don’t really have anything to tell you for you to improve.

One thing I heard about art/building generally, is that you should always use different shades of a color, when drawing/building something, because that’s what gives the creation a more interesting look.

Goodluck in the future, and happy creating!


That’s really great feedback, thanks for taking your time to write that!

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Hello Developer,

I appreciate the nice comments and would like to thank you instead for reaching out to DevForum for help on your work as I said in my other post.