Thoughts on taking cash from other players when you kill them

Hello, apologies if this is bit of a silly question. But I am currently working on a tycoon, among the other standard mechanic seen in most dropped tycoons where the player can be robbed by other players stepping on their collector, I am thinking of adding a mechanic where the player who kills the other player is awarded an amount (like 10%) of the other players cash. I feel like this would create more competition and more PVP which is kind of intended and will make the game more fun to play and more addictive as players will enjoy trying to avoid being robbed and robbing others to progress further.

However, since this mechanic is taking away from players I feel like they may get annoyed by this feature, and seeing as how I plan on selling currency for robux, would this violate the terms of service? as players are being taken away from after a purchase.

I’d love to hear the communities thoughts on this,

Many thanks,

You don’t see many PvP tycoons that allow you to steal other people’s money because the top players in the servers can actively shut down other people’s progression. The players on top experience a snowballing effect as they get access to better unlocks, they also get better at defeating other players. Sure this may be a fun power fantasy if you are the top player, but it is generally a terrible feeling being anyone else in the server.


How about awarding a player cash when they kill someone, but instead of taking away from the other player, just award some amount of cash like 5% of the attacker player’s cash amount instead

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If you go along with this idea, try to make the pvp skill based and not like- Pay to win or pay with in-game cash to win. So that new players don’t quit from unfairness. Also, maybe a pvp off mode?


I think this may be one of my first times being solution’ed, thanks!