Thoughts on this menu screen?

Hey, so I spent the past hour or so working on a screen that lets the player create or join matches, teleporting them to the actual game server.

Anyways, I just wondered if this looks any good:



That’s awesome. It’s simple, nothing over done. You might already have it but I can’t zoom in but in case you dont, you should add faint glowing eyes off to the side peaking from behind a tree.

I actually really like this, good job.


don’t really know, if your goal was to create the simpliest menu that ever existed, why not.

it’s just that there is nothing to review, the camera follows is a common feature aswell, you might wanna ask again when there is actual frames & assets on it…

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Looking back on it, I would make the text a little big larger to fit the line below. Good job

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You know how the background moves when you move the mouse? That’s an interesting aspect. But, it looks a bit too fast, maybe have the rotation rotate a bit slower? Maybe use something from the “cool creations” section that can help you have a touch to your game: I don’t know the genre of the game, but if it’s horror, this would be a great addition.

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