Thoughts on this minigame

Hey folks, I’ve been working on a minigames game.

One of the games is a game where you are stuck in a marble (think super blocky ball) and you roll down slides while doing obstacle course like things.

I made a pretty rough map to test out if the gameplay would be any good.

Should I include it as a minigame?

You can check it out here:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I think that this is a nice concept and I like the idea of being stuck in a marble for mini-games, I personally would include it and then using the coins that you earn from mini-games would add a section in the store (if created) where you can buy different designs to the marbles. I played the test of it and thoroughly enjoyed it but if I was you I’ve seen many games include this so I’d try think of another unique feature to add to it so it’s not all the same, can’t exactly think of any on the top of my head right now but if you thought for a bit you’d most likely be able to think of some. Anyways. personally I like how you’ve executed it and I’d add it to your game.

Currently, it needs to have some adjustments to be a good minigame game. It’s currently to long, (Cant be beaten in under 60 seconds) and the controls are a little stiff.

But I’m sure with some polish it’d be a pretty fun minigame.

Would you say the stiff controls is due to marble speed? Noticed it takes some time to gain momentum, which is a bit annoying

Yes, it’s very hard to turn and the jumping should be on a shorter cool down.

I agree about the controls. They are almost unresponsive when going at a high speed and make it very hard to control the ball.

I like it, however I would make it a faster process to reciprocate your velocity. If you’re going in one direction and you need to back up to make a jump or something, it takes an annoyingly long time (even for difficult mini games) to do so.

You definitely have a good concept going on here. Just yea, fix the turning and possibly add new maps, new marbles which give you power ups? Entirely up to you, but you can definitely go somewhere with this!

Good luck.