Thoughts on this Office?

I’m looking for any thoughts at all based on the photo’s of this office I’ve built for a friend.

I think I went along a partial mafia / rustic luxury vibe.
I also get partial Halloween vibes from it.


Any thoughts / comments / feedback in any capacity would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


The texture choice isn’t the best. The texture on the walls look very repetitive.


Ah okay, thank you I’ll look for some better textures.


I like the font you used for the D3 on the wall. And the coloring makes it seem like it has a Halloween feel.

Aha, You are very kind.

Yes, I feel like I got that vibe from the Colour Scheme and the Text!

I love the way you incorporated a Halloween color for the D3 and I like the texture of the walls but I think you should change the color for the table since it matches the chairs. At first I couldn’t really see the table but other than that, this looks perfect!

I agree with the above reply—this is great! For the table, maybe try brown. May or may not look good. Or you could try grey chairs.

Ah okay, thank you for the advice and thank you for your kind words!

Okay, I’ll try out some different colour schemes moving forward!

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Looks great man! You can definetly add more detail, theres always room for detail… always.
I suggest making small objects and minor details in the room!

Great building, but the conference table should have lights on it like this:

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I like it, but the main problem I see is that it’s a little rough to look at some props. Specifically, the table looks a little too dark/grainy. The texturing is also a little odd, example: in the last photo the focal point should be the window frame area but for me it’s just the roughness on the walls and table sides. If those were fixed/tweak it would be really mindblowing.

This is honestly amazing, it’s almost perfect, the only thing you should try to add is a bit more light. If it doesn’t work out feel free to remove it! Aside from that, it’s perfect! Hope this helped, thanks for reading, have an amazing rest of your day/night!


Thank you for all your feedback!
Moving forward I will definitely be taking this onboard, thank you!


I like the idea and we’re your going with it but maybe lighten it up and change the textures :+1:

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I understand you can get those letter from a plugin but you should give a shot to make your own! Although nice job!

Have you tried increasing the environmental specular scale to bring out the detail on the table and other textures?

Very good, I would rate is 8/10… However, the materials don’t give me a mafia/rustic luxury vibe. If I’m going to be honest it gives me a 70s vibe. Maybe add more whites and greys, and perhaps experiment with bricks and tiles? Just my thoughts, overall good job! :smiley: