Thoughts/Opinions on my first game!

Howdy, everyone!

I’m presently working on my first game (all by myself). I’d personally want to hear your thoughts on the game, which is an obstacle course. I’d want to hear your thoughts on the game I’m working on.

All comments and suggestions would be very welcomed, as this is the first game I’ve created entirely on my own without any help.

Please DO NOT provide false/fake and/or misleading feedback, would be greatly appreciated!

:link: Hard Obby (In Development) - Roblox

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This are list of my complaints

  • No music. Even if you hire a composer to create piece for you it would do the trick. Or you can music from the front catalogue. Classical music / Electronic music would do the trick
  • Make a better respawn, make it your unique.
  • Add Sound effect’s this make game more appalling to the ear.
  • The Gui need’s get better. Add simple signs such as the one’s you see in bathrooms. It isn’t expensive to make or to hire someone and it make’s the game more high quality.

I tried it out on my phone and there are a lot of problems, like your Ui scaling and a buy where if you die, you respawn jumping. I would go back and add some more detail and debug.

The Loading screen isn’t centered. Remove the neon off the bricks as its impossible to see what your character is jumping on. Also I get an admin panel when I join, but it goes away when I respawn

Judging by the designs, the game is hardly halfway done.

If it’s for a practice, you’ve got the basis done, but of course a few flaws on the UIs.

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