Throw error when Firing a BindableEvent with improper values

On a wiki page, there occurs documentation as follows:

BindableEvent Valid Values

This code sample shows the kinds of values that can be sent when firing BindableEvents using Fire. Test this code by placing a Script within a BindableEvent inside the Workspace or ServerScriptService. It will raise errors on the values that cannot be fired.

Consider the following code:

local Bindable ="BindableEvent")


local thread = coroutine.create(function() end)

Here is the output:


The documentation says “It will raise errors on the values that cannot be fired.” To me, it seems apparent from the documentation that it should error if a thread is passed in, rather than silently converting it to nil. It would also be nice to have a note on the wiki page in question that threads (alongside mixed tables) are invalid arguments to pass into Fire.

I request that an error is added to the engine for this scenario.

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