Tiered audio upload prices with LONGER max length/sizes coming soon!


Edit: Live now!

We’ll make an announcement when it’s live on production.
Thanks to: @WebGL3D


Price per second details please? I just see numbers.
But still! YAY


The idea is that they're tier based, with 4 tiers.

These prices and tiers are not final.

Tier 1:
(0sec - 10sec) and (0 MB - 0.75 MB)
20 R$

Tier 2:
(10sec - 30sec) and (0.75MB - 1.75MB)
50 R$

Tier 3:
(30sec - 2min) and (1.75MB - 7MB)

Tier 4:
(2min - 6min) and (7MB - 20MB)
500 R$


Glad to see you took in my suggestion during the interview! This will help out so many developers and make my job 10x easier making music for ROBLOX. Keep up the good work @spotco!


I feel like the tier 4 is a bit more than it should be, I am thinking like 250$R instead. Although I understand it takes moderation time to approve them


The tiers are all priced to their upper range. We can probably split the tiers some more if there's enough demand.


6 minutes wohooooo!


So... if have a 2:10 min song, I can either spend 500R$ for just one assetId, or spend 100R$ and 20R$ (120R$) for two assetIds... I think the prices are a bit flawed lol


I agree, but it is a compromise (think about the moderators!).
In general I think it's a good thing to encourage smaller file uploads.
Think about those mobile data limits :slight_smile:


ftw I wish Roblox had decided these things for Audio sooner so I could have gotten my money's worth (trimming audio to fit into 2 minutes, and not to mention the original price)

That said, I'm pretty glad that audio is becoming more lenient.


Why is dynamic pricing so hard?

Can't you do a robux per second or something?


It's a compromise to get the basics shipped.
There were a bunch of problems with server-side length validation (the ultimate goal would be to run all uploaded sounds through FMOD to get length and other characteristics, but that isn't happening soon).


Oh I see. Maybe a few more custom options would be best.

I think a $400 robuck difference is pretty steep for 1 second difference of sound length.


Can we split up Tier 1 into two? [0, 1) and [1, 10)? I already love that I won't have to pay 100 R$ for short sound effects, but I think 5 or 10 R$ is more appropriate for a sound < 1 second like a gun shot effect which only takes a second or two to review twice.


There's going to be a cutoff somewhere, and no matter where it is there's always going to be that one person who is a few seconds over. You have to realize that longer audio means longer moderation times; furthermore, bigger audio files are going to take longer to load for players.

If you don't want to pay the price, split your audio into smaller pieces. It makes life on everyone a little easier :slight_smile: Glad to see this happening, I love the Tier-Pay idea!


As a player who uses radios in games it's a bit more difficult to use split audios. I really hope they'll consider a tier between 3 and 4. I understand that lower pricing makes it more difficult for the mods but 500 robux feels overkill for basic users who enjoy music.

(I might be wrong on this, but don't two 2-minute audios take as long to moderate as one 4-minute audio?)


Wouldn't it be easier to use FFmpeg instead? Considering the site is ASP.NET it'd be easier to P/Invoke libav (part of FFmpeg) to get the information. Plus, FFmpeg supports lots more formats than FMOD so if you ever decide to re-encode audio into a "common format", you'd be supporting pretty much every format that you'd need to.


I think either way it would require setting up a cloud of designated sound-processing servers (you wouldn't want to do this on the file-processing servers), which is a bunch of web work (and they've got plenty of other things on their plate at the moment).

As for the tiers and prices, they are subject to change :slight_smile:
We'll be rolling out with these initial tiers, with metrics from use and feedback from the moderators. If there's a bunch of demand for slightly-above tier 3 and not-quite-tier 4 sounds (or anything else like that), we can add in more internal tiers to keep the pricing fair.


Sweet, now developers don't have to pay 100R$ for a simple sound effect!


I am so happy for this update, thank you!

I just find the price jump a bit much between 2 min and 2 min 1 second, as it goes up by 400 robux. Could the price for 2-6 min audio be decreased a small bit possibly?