Tiled Trouble ALPHA 1.1.2 Changelog


ALPHA 1.1.2:

Main Changes

  • 1 New Minievent: Hole
  • Changed the way leaderboard works. It nows updates at the end of the round, showing always the results of the previous round until updated.
  • Fixed Zombie Minievent
  • New Thumbnail
  • Big script rewrite (for better game performance and speed)

Minor Changes

  • Minor Changes to Swordfighting Heights and Eggstravagant Cliffside Maps
  • Minor Lobby Changes
  • Fixed Leaderboard not showing username


Even if this update looked small, it look me a while because of a HUGE script rewrite as to start soon BETA, and also to help me with future minievents, events or gamemodes. Thanks to a new ROBLOX update, stuff should run faster and better. Next update (1.2.0 ALPHA) will include brand new gamemodes, minievents and cosmetics. Enjoy!