Tiled Trouble BETA 1.3.1 Changelog


BETA 1.3.1 (Halloween Event)

Main Changes

  • Added Pumpkin Field map by @4d9r
  • Added Halloween 2021 Badge
  • Added Pumpkin Particle

Extra Changes

  • Changed time to midnight
  • Added more faces to Face Changer minievent
  • Updated Lobby
  • Nerfed Zombie event
  • Fixed emote bug
  • Fixed left side GUI resetting on death
  • Fixed game transition GUI showing the same gamemode icon
  • Fixed some Staff GUI bugs
  • Optimized some code


Welcome to the first ever Tiled Trouble event! In this case, is the halloween one! Complete the new map for a badge and a particle! Feel free to also take a look at the minievent and characters new (but temporal) appareance!

The event will end the 20th of this month.