Timeless Trampoline Park | Handbook

Timeless Trampoline Park is a ROBLOX based Trampoline Park that provides one of the most unforgettable experiences possible, our staff work around the clock to ensure that your experience is valued and stands out!

Staff Information

In order to become a staff member at Timeless Trampoline Park, you need to fill out a quiz located in our quiz centre. Once you have passed your quiz you will be given our first LR rank “Trainee”. Once you have obtained Trainee you need to attend a training and once you have passed your training you will be given the “Junior Team Member” rank. From there on you need to work in the park and attend more training sessions in order to rank up at Timeless Trampoline Park.

How do I start working from Junior Team Member?

To start off, you will assist guests at the front desk and ensure that each guest’s stay is running smoothly. Whenever trampolines are broken above the trampoline you will see a “Broken Trampoline” GUI and in order to fix the trampoline, you need to pull out your wrench and click on the trampoline. We also offer food and beverages from our kitchen located behind the front desk. Whenever a customer asks for food or a beverage simply go into the kitchen and grab whatever item(s) they are asking for.

What are points?

Every time you clock in to the park, check-in guests, and fix broken trampolines you are given points. Depending on how many points you receive, you may be eligible for your next promotion! We also have game passes you can buy to increase the number of your points.
100 points > Junior Team Member
250 points > Team Member
400 points > Senior Team Member

How do I rank up from Senior Team Member?

Congratulations! You are one step closer to reaching Timeless Trampoline Park’s MR Team. Unfortunately, once you have obtained Senior Team Member you can no longer rank up through LR trainings. You can obtain our “Management Intern” rank by working hard and waiting to get a recommendation by an HR+ or by applying for Management Intern once we release applications. Our Management Intern applications are released every month in our communications server. So if you haven’t joined our communications server we strongly encourage you to join so you don’t miss out on applications!

In order to be eligible for Management Intern you need to meet the following criteria:

  • User must obtain adequate grammar.
  • User must show consistent activity within our park and communications server.
  • User’s account may not possess safechat.
  • User must display note-worthy work ethics.

We ask all Senior Team Members to refrain from:

  • Hinting for a promotion.
  • Asking when applications are releasing.
  • Asking if they have been recommended or not.
  • Asking about the status of their application.

Doing otherwise could possibly hinder your chances of joining the MR Team.

Job Descriptions

This section of the handbook will help inform you about each ranks role and what they do within our group, as well as the rank limits.

Medium Ranks (Management Team)

Management Intern [Rank Limit: 40]

This rank is an Internship rank, meaning it is a trial rank. The people in this rank can help assist the Low Ranks with moderation inquires, and any things necessary. These people are selected by Human Resources Department members and will have to go through an Internship to determine if they’re fit to be a permanent member of our team.

Staff Assistant [Rank Limit: 35]

This rank consists of the official members of our Management Team, they can help handle any inquiries Low Ranks may have, assist at training sessions as well as help moderate the Trampoline Park wherever possible.

Supervision Team [Rank Limit: 30]

This rank is similar to being a Staff Assistant, although these people are there to assist the Staff Assistants and ensure they’re doing their job in a good manner. As well as this, these users are responsible for handling any disruptive customers and giving feedback to our staff.

Moderation Team [Rank Limit: 40]

This rank is for those who have passed a Moderation Team application, these users do not assist with training but help moderate our game and discord server at times where our Management Team wouldn’t be able to.

Assistant Manager [Rank Limit: 25]

This rank is responsible for assisting with any Low Rank issue or ranking problems, they help host our training sessions and withhold the expectations of the Low Ranks meanwhile working our facilities.

General Manager [Rank Limit: 20]

This rank is responsible for the overall management of the Trampoline Park, they are expected to assist the ranks below them. As well as this, they can assist training sessions to help keep our staff fully trained.

High Rank (Executive Team)

Executive Intern [Rank Limit: 15]

This rank is the first High Rank, it is an Internship rank meaning users in this role are going through an Internship process to ensure they’re best fit for the position. They will also be put into a department, this department will be what they specialise in and should be focusing on.

Executive Intern [Rank Limit: 7]

This role is the role of which you will be placed into your very first department! This is a rank where you will be on an internship scheme, from this you will be closely monitored to determine your eligibility onto our Executive Team.

Executive Officer [Rank Limit: 7]

This rank is for those who have passed their internship, they will progress into exceeding into their designated department. This rank will be able to assist with more authority having the ability to now ban people.

Executive Director [Rank Limit: 5]

This role is responsible for keeping the entire Executive Team in place ensuring they are all working up to standard & maintaining themselves within the departments.

Senior High Ranks (Corporate Team)

Corporate Intern [Rank Limit: 10]

This is the first Senior High Rank, this rank is an Internship rank meaning these users are going through an internship to ensure they best fit our Corporate Team.

Corporate Officer [Rank Limit: 5]

This role is responsible for voicing important things to our Leadership Team members and ensuring they’re up to date with anything that goes on, as well as this they assist the Leadership Team make necessary decisions and assist with the development of the staff team.

Corporate Director [Rank Limit: 5]

This role is responsible for keeping all of the Corporate Team in place, this means they are to be consistently feeding back to the Leadership Team whenever possible and taking control of any situations that may require assistance.

Game Information

Our game is a Trampoline Park, to get into the action simply approach one of our Check-In desks & you will be prompted by a member of our staff team! Above the Check-In desks, you will find a menu showing a variety of the options we offer.
These options consist of:

  • 15 Minutes
  • 30 Minutes
  • 60 Minutes
  • All day

These options are the times you can jump for, meaning if you choose 15 minutes jumping time, you will find yourself with an in-game UI showing the amount of time you’ve been jumping for and how much time you have left. If you have any further questions or concerns about this, feel free to consult our staff members!

Development Occupations

To become a Developer for us, you have to contact either @Jirthes or @imspencurr with either:

  • A portfolio
  • Screenshots of your work
  • Previous people you’ve developed for to vouch for you
Affiliate Application


  • Your group must have at least 100 members
  • You must have some sort of representation of your activity
  • You must have a somewhat fully established staff team
  • Your representatives must be able to withhold strong communication with our group
  • You must not have a bad reputation on the platform


If you believe you meet these specific requirements, feel free to fill out an application which will be provided below. All submissions should be on a google document or through Direct Messages and forwarded to a member of our Relations Department.

  1. What is the name of your group?
  2. What is the link to your ROBLOX group and Discord server?
  3. What brings your interest to forming an alliance with our group?
  4. How could both groups benefit each other?
  5. What makes your group/community stand out?
  6. List 2 representatives that will be representing on behalf of your group.
Appeal Information

We have 5 types of punishments that you can appeal under certain circumstances, in order to appeal you must meet a certain criteria.

Server Ban

A server ban is a temporary ban from our game, this is a server ban. You can re-join our game once the servers have reset unless you appeal. Anyone who has been server banned, can appeal. To appeal, simply contact a member of our Executive Team.

Permanent Ban

A permanent ban is a ban from our game permanently, this means you’re unable to re-join. These are usually issued when a member of our staff team deems your actions are worthy of a permanent ban. To appeal this, you have to meet a certain criteria. For this criteria, contact a member of our Executive Team.

Management Blacklist

An Management blacklist is what is used to prevent people from joining our Management Team, this is usually when a member of our Corporate Team has raised concern to a Human Resources member which has led to them granting our Corporate Team permission to Management Blacklist the desired user. With this being said, you have to meet a certain criteria to be able to appeal. Contact a Corporate Team member if you’d like to appeal.

Group Blacklist

A group blacklist is used when a user is blacklisted from all of our games, and staff team altogether. It means they are unable to access our facilities under any circumstance. This is usually when a member of our Leadership Team has deemed the users actions to be a major issue. This is not appealable.

Discord Ban

A Discord ban is when you are banned from our communications server, this is usually when a Moderator has found your actions to majorly go outside of our rules. This can be appealed as long as you meet a certain criteria, to appeal this you must contact a member of our Leadership Team.

Training Information

To begin your career here with us, any Trainee is required to attend one of our training sessions. From there, you will learn everything you need to know in order to become a professional within your role! You can train up to the role of Team Member, from there promotions will be based on the amount of points you have. Check our the Staff Information tab for more information about the point requirements.

How to get promoted instead of attending a training

As we will not be having a Training Centre, the way to rank up is by gaining points, you will automatically be ranked up based on your points which was previously stated in this handbook.