Timestamp for the DevForum notifications

I was recently looking through my notification list when I came across a like that I didn’t know I had.
This led me to think that engineers should implement a timestamp next to notifications to show when that notification showed up.

Can change to

I figure this can make things more organised within the Forum and make it like other sites, saying when things happened, etc.

Leave your thoughts below :+1:


Is knowing when this happened really necessary especially for a like? Like, it’s just a like. When you view a post it shows you how long ago it was created:

Either way this seems very generic so you might as well ask the Discourse team to add it

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Yes, I thought that, but you can’t really tell when a like was added, and besides, it’t make the place look organised, thanks for the feedback.

That was my question, how is knowing your post got like 27 minutes ago for example useful.

not sure how it does, it is just your notifications which are ordered from latest to oldest anyway.

This would be a discourse request since I don’t feel its worth spending engineering time on such a niche change, there Is also the fact I sometimes get 7 follow notifications at once and therefor how does it select which timestamp I see?


If you want them to show in-line in the small window, file a feature request at meta.discourse.org