Timestamp not updating in server output in Developer Console?

I’m getting some strange behavior… the server is printing things like it should, but the timestamp is staying unchanged from the time when I joined the server? The 18:00:02 you see there is the only time stamp different than the rest, which all say 18:00:00. Any idea what’s going on? Has it always been like this and I just didn’t notice?

This always happens for me and it doesn’t make much sense, this would go better in #platform-feedback:engine-bugs than here. It’s not your fault.

Ah I see. Thank you @MastersNetwork I was worried my server-side was lagging or something. I would move this (or repost) to #platform-feedback but unfortunately I am not a Regular so I do not have permissions to do so. If someone else could report this in the correct topic that would be great, I would very much appreciate seeing timestamps when I look at my server logs.

Shout into the void: Sure would be cool if there were a process to become a Regular :upside_down_face:

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