Tips for a possible FPS game (First Person Shooter)

I have been really wanting to make a FPS game for the longest time now, yet I my only skill is building and design. I need tips on how to possibly make one without having to spend 20k robux on a programmer to help and then quit.

I have map ideas aswell as gamepasses, etc. I just need tips on how to guide my way into learning lua or maybe a pack that I could use? I am not to sure where this is going at the moment though.

If anyone is interested in helping with the project please just contact me @ThatNerdLev on Twitter.

An FPS game is hard for people who don’t know to code, which is because it requires some fundamentals of scripting.

Since you only know how to build and game design, I’m going to assume that you are only able to:

  • Add animations for gun animations
  • Build a gun
  • Make a crosshair

For making an FPS game that requires coding, they would use:

  • Raycasting and mouse position to detect where you have shot the gun to
  • CFrame for gun bobbing and gun sway (optional, but adds the realism if done)
  • Making their custom inventory system instead of using a tool
    (optional, but recommended)
  • CurrentCamera for adding viewmodels in (optional, but also recommended)
  • Some fundamentals of scripting

If you specifically want to learn how to make one, you can search youtube or devforum tutorials on how to make an FPS game. The problem is that it’ll be harder for you to fix errors or modify codes, which is why I recommend you to learn the fundamentals of it by reading, understanding, and memorizing by practicing before learning how to make something intermediate like this.

These link should help you.


Thank you for this Info, It helps a lot.