Tips for game optimization and lag reduction?

This has been asked a million times, but it seems the answer is variable for the type of game, so I figured I’d put this out there.

Lately, players of my very basic paper roleplay game (Care Bears Paper RP) have reported much more lag than usual after our forest update.
Just yesterday I sat down and optimized as much as I could in order to hopefully reduce the rate of lag, eliminating around 10,000 unnecessary junk assets (largely useless ManualWelds) or unioning parts that could be unioned (knowing our forest was the main source of lag for the game due to its sheer amount of parts).

I have very below-average internet so I can’t run games terribly quickly, so I’m a terrible way to measure lag the average player would encounter. I know there’s ways I can further optimize the game to make it a little less chunky, and if anyone has ideas on how to go about this, that’d be great.

I know our spawn morphs room is a GREAT cause of lag, but it’s a necessary evil, as its one of our game’s major selling points. We have over 100 morphs- much more than that, even, I couldn’t count them all- and of course since this is a paper game, they’re all decals. So I can’t really go about trying to optimize that area.

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I mean, lag is lag! Usually why most RP games go comp-only, mobile players probably crash within seconds. There’s not many options at this point, so just give in to the lag monster. :slightly_frowning_face:

There are lots of different types of lag, so the more specific you can be about it, the better someone here will be better able to help you.

Performance stats are a great place to start. Does anything look high/out of place?

again, i’m NOT a good source for solid, average-user performance stats. i have the internet of a family who cant afford decent internet because its simply too expensive, cause thats exactly the scenario im in.

The first step in optimization is always the same:

How Important is this Object?
→ the less important it is, the less detailled you make it.

for example a tree: is it right next to a street where all players pass by? or is it a tree far in the mountains?

Don’t try to union everything as big unions often create even more lag.

I personally suggest to make Little Assets in Blender where you can actively control the amount of tris and use effective tools as AutoSmooth etc.