Tips for getting people to stay in the game / come back to it?

I’m not too good with introductions so I’ll get straight to the point.

How do I get people to stay in my game and come back to it?

A while ago, my friends and I launched a new game called “The Roblox Movie Theater”. It’s basically a movie theater where you can watch the generic video frame videos roblox uploaded. Yay!

Rule one of the devforum is to take every chance you get to self promote your game, but not have it come off as self promotion! Also it’s hard to deal with all the dislikes, even if they were mostly from one person (we don’t talk about that) but that’s a topic for another time.

And after all this time, it’s only received 787 visits. I’ve set up a discord webhook to send notifications every time someone joins the game, and it seems like only a couple of people are returning to it. Most people will join, stay a minute and then leave and never return.

My question is, how do you get people to stay and return to the game? What’s the secret and what keeps new players intrigued? Yes I am aware that the game isn’t the most replayable of games, but I’m just talking in general.

(To be more specific I’m looking for tips)

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Well, until Roblox improves the video feature, you’re not gonna get a lot of visits. It’s best to just wait, as you can’t make custom movies without 10 of thousands of thousands of decals and lines of code.

Anyways, ignoring that, what do the players like? This may seem a bit creepy, but check out their profiles via that webhook, see what their favorites, groups, and hats are. Add some stuff related to those, it’s worth a try!

And after visiting your game, you should finish up some things (like food), giving the players more stuff to do.

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Any other general tips for the future?

As I said, it’s best to wait. You don’t know what will come, Roblox has some great potential for the video feature.

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In general players would stay whenever they are going to like game’s concept, not everyone would like your concept, just to know.

But I can give some tips:

  1. Don’t make functionality too limited only to gamepasses users, you can give to gamepasses users some things like gears or some exclusive room access, but not limit main functionality or so.
  2. Design (UI elements, thumbnail design), map is also key for success, if they are nice, it is more possible for players to stay longer on it.
  3. Advertising is also can help to promote game’s popularity, but it is not guaranteed way and you would need to have some budget for it.
  4. In general, updating game frequently is also can help to let old players not abandon playing on it.
  5. You can also add some in-game currency and ways to earn it (for example staying in-game for some time, making some minigames, buying it by using robux and etc.), along with in-game shop with some interesting in-game items.

You probs need to give them a reason to stay cuz ur game sounds cool but idk why I would spend more then 1 minute in it cuz it seems more of a showcase thing then a game

i. said. not. game. specific. feedback.

This list is very good, however, I would like to offer some additional tips:

  • Variety is also very important. Players are driven away when they run out of things to do, as people can easily get bored doing the same thing over and over.

  • I have noticed in round-based games, lobbies can be very boring. If your players ever need to wait, give them something to do! People come to play, not to wait!

  • Daily rewards will also encourage people to return, especially if your rewards are good.

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