Tips on body kits / plugins to use when building them


Hey, developers!

I am looking to rebuild this car.

I am looking to give this car a body kit of some sort for my game, Project Roblox Racers. Is there any way I can tune the car’s appearance so it suits a body kit?

List the following.

How I can modify the car for a body kit
Plugins to use to make body kits
Tips on making body kits

Thank you.

Happy developing, all!

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I would suggest you use this program called “Blender” you’ve probably know about that or heard of it, where you can make more better models, from anything and import it back to ROBLOX Studio.


Unfortunately, I don’t use any modelling programs, but I might give it a try, thanks!

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No problem man, blender is really good for making models i would suggest you watch some of.
blender guru.


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You can also find more here about building cars with plugins here.

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Can you clarify wht you mean by a body kit? Do you mean a central car that players can change specific part of? Such as colour of the car and/or other things, tire, tire rims, spoiler, liscense plate etc.

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Body kit as in the car’s exterior.

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If @Krunnie said

is correct,
then your question is: Is there any way I can tune the car’s appearance so it suits a car’s exterior?

Is it just me, or does that make no sense?


The question itself got no logical sense but you can pretty much get it that he meant “what to do to make the car look like a more realistic car?”


Oh ok sorry, I just didn’t understand. Thanks for clarifying.
In answer to @JoshuaB0RN’s question, I think there are many things you could do to make it better such as:

  1. Changing the headlights. Most headlights you can see through the outer glass and see the actual light while this car’s headlights are just yellow blocks Heres an example as to what I mean.image

  2. I notice there aren’t actually any tires around the rims :smile:

  3. There also aren’t any seats in the car.

  4. We can’t see the back of the car, but if there isn’t, you could maybe add a license plate.

  5. The windshield is literally just a wedge. It would greatly increase the overall quality of your car.

As a side question, are you planning to add a roof to the car or keep it open?


I am planning to keep it open. Thanks for the advice @AllThingsMilk.

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