Tips/feedback low poly build

First time trying to do something with the low poly builds and building in general lol.

Any tips?

and yes the fountain is flying…magic


It looks great! But it looks very bland maybe add some more trees and variety. Also the grids on the floor kinda look weird so probably get rid of them. And add like low poly grass. Otherwise I love it!

In my opinion, the trees are nice, but the bushes you got next to the same look like they have a little too much faces. Maybe try to make bushes similar to the bushes you got next to the fountain.

It’s a good start and looks good so far! But still, I have some suggestions:

  1. Add some variation!
  2. Scale the trees differently, so that it looks more naturally
  3. Add another, completely new tree model for more variation
  4. The border looks just like copy and paste. Add some variation here too.

Hope, I could help you!

That’s lowpoly. Bruh I can only do like a few squares-

I really like it! You could use that for a simulator lobby or something!