TJW Admin House info


Hello all,

A while back I announced that I would be doing a remake for TJW’s admin house. Currently, progress is sort of meh. There are a few changes between this new game and the remake that this post should help you guys understand, and I will also give a summary on what my plans are for the remake at the moment.

To keep things brief, here are the current significant changes with the remake:

  • A new admin system, made from scratch by me. The new prefix is “;”, although “:” will also work
  • Build mode now limits you to running commands only on yourself, while preventing others from targetting you with commands
  • There is no rank up system (this may change eventually)
  • What scripts are added to this game will be more limited. Currently, I don’t know if I have permission to use many scripts in the original game (obviously if someone tells me I don’t, I remove the script). In the remake, I will try to use scripts where I have evidence that creators are ok with public use. This is to be fair for creators and is because I will more manually optimize scripts in this game. For more of a description on how I determine if I can use a script, see “limiting sources of where scripts come from” below.


  • Build saving is now a thing. Staff will be able to view your saved builds without you being in the server
  • VIP servers are now a thing. Say ;vipcmds for a list of VIP-server unlocked commands

This game is planned to be run on my Nubgrub user.

More Info

Some of you may wish to continue playing the original game rather than the remake, and that is fine. Both games will be maintained so long as the remake does well once it is released. However, here’s why I am making changes away from what the original is:

(This is a lot, so I’d recommend only reading parts of this if you have a complaint or are curious)

  • Reason for a new game: There are a lot of reasons as to why I am going for a new game rather than fixing the original one. For one, my inventory is both broken and huge on TJW123456, making updating scripts, which are primarily stored as models, an absolute pain. Second, a lot of the scripting in this game is pretty bad, and I want to be able to do changes that I want to do without disturbing the original game. There is also the opportunity with a new game to have scripts “fork”, so that I can sandbox them, and fix all of them at once when needed.

  • Reason for no rank up system: This game is meant to be more self-sustaining than the original game. But, I know that the rank up system is a large part of what made many of you play this game. I will try to devex the remake, which will give me a reason to keep updating it. If that works out, I will add some sort of reporting system and a ranking system.

  • Limiting sources of where scripts come from: I think that this needs to be said. When I started making this original game, I rarely ever paid attention to where I got my scripts from. I would give credits to all script creators, model creators and so on mentioned in the source, but would almost never pay attention to whether a script was public unless the script literally said “hey, this content is stolen” in which case I would typically not use it.

  • (continuing) The legacy/original game was a game that I worked on in my free time for a couple years to help myself grow, and to let people have a good time. I didn’t take it seriously for a long time and have never advertised. We never had gamepasses, and only very briefly had VIP servers during a time when free wasn’t an option. Because I didn’t want to make anything off what was largely copying and pasting other peoples code, I eventually put a “profit-free” label in the description. That label is now removed because I intend on paying staff, script creators, and using premium payouts from this game to fund the remake. Since I will be potentially eventually earning money off of the remake (hey, its been a few years of work to work on both games + I need the money), I will ask for permission to use scripts first if they aren’t public and I can track down the creator. Free models of your own scripts are public (per roblox terms of use), showcasing and posting (or getting someone else to showcase and post) the source code of your own script is making it public, and giving out your scripts on social media I would consider to be making them public. I might remove the last two things on the list above, because I don’t think that they would really hold up against copyright. None of the scripts in the remake are finalized until full release, and I might have some fillers in the meantime. I will add some scripts that were public that aren’t anymore (unless a script creator tells me specifically to remove/not add them, or has said they don’t want people using them). I am always open to removing a script from either game, or paying (in robux only) script creators of scripts in either game. I just will ask for proof of creation if someone wants any of those things

  • (continuing) No, I most likely won’t add in your script just because you asked me to. I also won’t add in your last breath mega sans switcher. “Edit” scripts (scripts where one person made code using code from another person, sometimes for “original content”) will only be added if both the original scripter and the editor(s) say that it is fine to use. At least for now, I will probably be asking for permission a lot more than being given it.

  • Using my own admin: I tried to do this as a challenge, really. I thought that it would take like a month to make something really good, but, yeah unless I’m on a lot each day it really doesn’t work that way. There are some benefits that we should eventually get from our own admin over Adonis, primarily because Adonis has no reason to add these things on its own: Task management over scripts (i.e. scripts respond to lag, potential anti-teamkill), faster internal command running (again, harder to read so could be detrimental for public admin scripts).

Anything in here talking about what scripts I will or will not use isn’t intended to be a final statement, but will probably be what I will follow.


Finally, the update on where things are now. With what we stand with currently, I do not have a very polished admin system. What I mean is that it works and looks fine, but its got bugs and isn’t complete. This game is in alpha – and since a lot of my audience is kids who I know will probably have not even started to read this message, I have put this near everywhere. I have repeatedly considered cancelling this game because of how long it has taken to chip away at, and ultimately the reception of the previews I provide will determine what I do. It still might get cancelled if its not worth it for me to continue.

Here’s what you can expect right now:

  • A few scripts - I still can improve how our keybind handler runs things, so that comes first
  • Some utility commands (;latitude, ;setspawn, etc., stuff thats neat little tools and can be used to set the environment)
  • A map that is laggy on poorer devices, unfortunately (I will work on this)
  • A few abusable commands that I will need you guys to tell me about
  • Temporarily free VIP servers
  • Note: there is no settings button currently, to use keybinds or change admin client settings use !settings
  • There will also be a new group for this game in the far future

And if I continue the game in the winter, I will add several neat things that will be game changing that I will not spoil for now. I mean, the remake is currently just a dumbed down version of the original with a few new features, isn’t it? It won’t stay that way.


Please read the intro and progress before playing.

(This place will close by Friday, August 20th and not reopen until the winter)

I would like to add on that your builds and saves might get reset eventually. I will let you guys know when that happens, and it shouldn’t happen more than once