To be honest i have no idea where to start but i want to make it myself but just need to see a visual of the object to get the idea

Im making a game kind of like the idea like codded clothing but the idea i had was to be able to hit a button for a door for the store to be claimable by 1 player there for if a player were to walk up to one of 6 claimable stores to sell clothes they would be able to hit a key on to claim but instead of the door to just get destroyed i had the idea to have it open/closed if they was not ready to open it if they did not have clothes on the mannequins but again i have no idea where to start with that but i would like the store when its claimed to be able to be saved and stay open when the player leaves the server. if anyone can point me in a direction for tutorials or models to look at to maybe get a better understanding or to even play with so i can physicality see it move and how it works for reference